Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Summer 2009 Just Around the Corner

Just a quick link here to the blog syllabus for Anthropology 439, Summer 2009 in beautiful London, England.  Also, some info on one of our cool cinetreks:


I am happy to announce one of our field trips (5 cinetreks)
for Summer 2009, an outstanding production of a Samuel
Beckett classic, Waiting for Godot, starring Ian McKellen
and Patrick Stewart. When we get the final roster of
Anthro 439 students, I will write again to see how many
tickets to reserve! Marisa, tell me what day your booked
and we'll see if our gang can tag along; I am in your debt
for finding this cool cinetrek for our UK bound gang!


Bill Nericcio
Chair, English and CompLit

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