Thursday, July 5, 2007

It's just you, hey, Jude!

The following headings taken from The Beatle’s song Hey Jude bare relevance to my opinion of the Le Samurai experience:

Hey Jude don’t let her down:

Yes Jude please don’t let her down…
One of the most noticeable characteristics of the audience that night at the viewing of Le Samurai was that it was predominantly female. It isn’t exactly shocking that a gaggle of girls should show up at any opportunity to see the one and only Jude Law, but it must get annoying, for his roadies that is, to see this short and messy excuse of a man (Jude Law was much shorter and untidy in person, a little shocking) always bagging hot chicks, always having to deal with screaming fans willing to do anything for an autograph, and then there is you a loyal roadie standing by picking up the scraps.

However in the male attendees defence, what Jude had to say about the movie was actually insightful. The fact that it was Jude Law talking about the film, made movie goers a bit more attentive to the aspects of the film that he pointed out. You paid more attention to the movie because a celebrity has shown interest in it as well.

Don't you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool:

The conversation between the old man (im sorry I don’t know his name, when I probably should) and Jude was very cool and casual, a bit “Inside the Actors Studio-esque” which made every body a bit more comfortable and less anxious about seeing the “big celebrity”.

You'll do, the movement you need is on your shoulder:

He needed to move his shoulder a bit for my sister to get a better photo op :)

The minute he stepped onstage Im sure he was temporarily blinded by the thousands of camera flashes. It seems that people were there for the celebrity instead of the film. If you go to the French institute any other night less than half of the same theatre is full. Jude packed the house.

Then you can start to make it better:

Ultimately Jude Laws presence, and more importantly his opinion, made Le Samurai more enjoyable. Most people stepped into the Le Samurai experience with a preconceived acceptance because of Jude’s praise for the film. Those who did not, probably adopted the opposite opinion just to be contrary: to try to prove wrong, and disagree with a celebrity.

Le Samurai itself turned out to be an enjoyable film. Jude's insight into the characters helped decifer some of the films cryptic meaning, specifically the protagonist's gentle manlyness, he was a romantic hit man, a paradox in himself. That may just be the effect of Jude taking its toll on my opinion, however it is an intelligent opinion to have.

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