Thursday, July 5, 2007

Maeda: Myspace

The field of art has drastically changed since when it first began. This is illustrated in John Maeda’s: Myspace gallery in Soho at the Riflemaker exhibition. For example, his concept for this exhibition featured art through the use of technology and computers. His gallery entitled, “Laws of Simplicity” was expressed in a form of digital art. Ironically, simplicity is generally not discovered in the form of technology. Computers’ insides are intricately assembled and have the complexity that many do not have the mental capacity to understand. Maeda’s work appears very simplistic to an onlooker at a quick glance, however, he compiles his work with concentrated ideals that are illustrated in his gallery. For instance, Maeda explores the idea behind the true meaning of human purpose. Life is exceptionally difficult to understand and decode due to the fact that human life is complicated. As humans, we want and desire for life to be simple and easy to comprehend. In Maeda’s piece, Post Digital, he writes, “No object in the real world is perfect. Whereas in the computer perfection can be guaranteed to 100.00% accuracy. Imperfection is about being human. Being digital is not.” This reinforces the idea that life is full of struggles and nothing is precise and technology is a way for humans to cope with the complexity of life. Through technology humans are able to reach this balance. In addition, Maeda also explores how this new technology can create a less complicated way of life. However, there are repercussions for this technology. Technology is what binds human beings in the modern world and disconnects people from the simplicity of life. The overwhelming amount of technology is perhaps controlling our lives. Humans are becoming analog in a digital world and are helpless to the technology. We cannot function if we don’t have a cellular phone or a computer nearby. Furthermore, as technology progresses, we begin to lose our privacy that once was extremely prevalent and valued. Maeda’s gallery provides insight into the advancement of technology and allows humans to reflect on this development as either beneficial or drawback to the contemporary world.

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