Thursday, July 5, 2007

Le Samourai Introduced by Jude Law

The audience waited in anticipation at the Institut Francais not for Jean-Pierre Melville’s film, Le Samourai, but instead for the popular actor Jude Law. The theater knew that the attendance would reach full capacity if they asked Law to introduce his favorite French film. No woman would pass the opportunity to catch a glimpse of an extraordinary handsome actor. He agreed to the request and surprisingly Law presented the film in person. It was apparent that the audience consisted of mostly females who were dressed fairly nice to go to a theater, but basically in hopes of the chance to meet Law in person. The audience filled with excitement when he appeared onto the stage. Flashes of camera light came from everywhere in the room, similarly to that on a red carpet event. The audience was absolutely ecstatic to see the former Sexiest Man in the World. Surprisingly, he was interviewed for approximately 15 minutes about why he chose this particular film as his favorite. Having an extremely famous celebrity automatically predisposes the audience to enjoy a particular film. People have always been fascinated with celebrities and look up to them for guidance in their own life. There are magazines dedicated to what is considered popular at a particular time such as Vogue. Furthermore, the media has an overwhelming influence over people’s desire. One example is Paris Hilton in which many young girls are mesmerized by her and desire to someday achieve her stature. However, Hilton is the most horrible role model for any young girl. Also, “Bratz”, dolls that dress provocatively cater to adolescent girls in order to captivate them into thinking this is how they should become. This relates to the notion that a celebrity such as Law can have an influence on people. Personally my expectations for the film were high, because I knew that this film was one of Law’s favorites. I’m even guilty of succumbing to this influence from a celebrity. If Law was not present, I would have had zero expectations that would need to be fulfilled. In essence, a movie star completely alters one’s perception therefore influencing them to either enjoy or dislike a film all together.

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