Thursday, July 5, 2007

Harry Potter premiere: whoopdy doo. . .

Like my previous Jude Law rant, what causes hundreds of people to stand in the streets during torrential downpours and lightning? The Harry Potter and th Order of the Phoenix premiere potentially had thousands of opportunities of fainting young teenage girls and photo ops with Daniel Radcliffe. However, once the Benz' started showing up, the rain set in followed by a few bolts of lightning and thunder. But, just as society would seem fit, the hoards of people still gathered for the chance to catch a small glimpse of Harry and his buddies walking underneath an umbrella to the VIP area closed off to us simpletons. Idol worshiping, I thought, was one of the things the 10 Commandments said NOT to do. People camped out in Leicester Square to catch a glimpse of these people, and the only one who really went out there in the rain was Rupert Grint. Good man.
Another thing: Why is it necessary to be camera whores in today's society? Where ever a news anchor went, a screeching scream who come out of the crowd of mostly young girls, trying to get noticed in the background. This kind of behavior gives way to "Girls Gone Wild." There was this one girl who must have slept there overnight to get her spot in the front of the barricades. She had a bright yellow sign that said "Dan Dan He's Our Man", obviously to get Radcliffe's attention. while it never was seen by Radcliffe, that girl with her sign must have been seen worldwide on millions of television sets, showing how devoted people are to their stars.
Society makes it OK to worship these idols in today's world. I just hope that some old man doesn't come down from a mountain in Hollywood somewhere and break a couple of tablets of stone with writing on them, completely damning us for our ways.

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