Thursday, July 5, 2007

Disturbing Fascination With Horror and Crime

Please do not take offense to this flyer. It has been completely fabricated and formulated to mock a Jack the Ripper online flyer.

Having said that, and having caught your attention with the above:

People have since the beginning of crime, been fascinated by the psychology, motives, and tactics behind crime and horror. The Exorcist one of the top horror movies of all time has grossed $442,000,000.00, there have been 9, count them 9 Halloween movies, and another is on its way. That is just the movies. Whole documentaries and studies have been made on the basis of delving into the mind of a serial killer. What is it that drives our curiosity and fascination with terror?

In today’s world, human beings generally speaking, do not have to worry about being hunted. Terror was a common reaction when we still lived amongst great predators. Nowadays we fabricate horror in the guise of movies or haunted houses because there is something cathartic and energizing about facing danger and stress. Horror serves as a form of dealing with our own mortality and the existential implications of the fact that no one escapes death.

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