Thursday, July 5, 2007

Thanks for nothing, mr. law

No, I'm not going to start quoting the Beatles like everyone else. I'm better than that. Anyways, yeah...what is the big deal, women? I saw Jude. I wasn't impressed. OK now to be an anthropologist.

Society has placed a certain "god-like" vision of entertainers in the past 100 years. Why? Do they not breathe and eat like ourselves? Do they not have the same faults and mannerisms everyday people have all around us simple folk? No, they do. They’re human. Jude Law sat up on stage and woman almost purred at the sight of him, but all he did was gave a simple conversation on a film he probably never saw or had his entourage give a brief synopsis to him before heading into the French Film Institute. Maybe that's a little too harsh, but how can you not see the humanity of someone you see in film once you see them in person? (I'm going to say 'I' for the next few sentences, but it's for a reason) Since moving to greater part of Los Angeles, California, 6 years ago, I have had the opportunity of running into movie and television stars from time to time, most notably Vince Vaughn, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Kirsten Dunst. Growing up in DC, movie stars were hard to come by; politicians came a dime a dozen. However, after living in Cali and seeing these people with my own eyes, I just don't see how people can get so crazy over another human being. They all look like they just got out of bed, don't shave in the morning, and can't keep a healthy relationship to save their lives (listening, Jude?). Every person has their flaws, even movie stars. Actors in Shakespeare’s time barely got by with the money they made, and were almost looked down upon. When and where did that change? The only reason actors and actresses seem "larger than life" is because the movie industry needs to make money by having large screens in large venues to shove large amounts of people in and out. Why did the camera change everything? One interesting thing I noticed at the Film Institute was that after the intro, Jude picked up his chair and brought it to the side, not making someone clean up after him. Maybe it’s nothing, but it seemed like a small, courteous gesture uncommon in the film star of today.

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