Monday, May 28, 2007

cineTREKS this week!!!!

Here are some outings to consider as we await the arrival of our 17 compatriot expatriate sdsu students later this week; these outings will appear on the course calendar later this week.

31, May 2007 THURSDAY
Debate: What Should Museums Display
National Portrait Gallery, 7:30pm
Though not really about film, this particular debate is key as it touches on issues of representation and the "other" that are presently at the heart of the intellectual culture of England and, especially, of London. It should be a great event--lively and engaging.
3 cineTREK (cT) units | 5 cT units with a cool blog report

10, June 2007 SUNDAY
screening at 2:30; free tickets available at 2, arrive a tad early to queue/wait in line!
8 1/2
The National Gallery (just off Trafalgar Square)

5 cineTREKs | 7 cT units if you blog it creatively and with zest!
Arguably the best film in the history of cinema--arguably! See for yourself as we treat ourselves to a screening of Fellini's 8 1/2 for free! get there early, cool things like this go fast in London....

more soon!

Dr. Bill Nericcio
Director & Senior Lecturer
Cultural Studies, FIE

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