Saturday, May 5, 2007

Welcome to the CineTREK™ Blog

Hello! This will be the place for you to enter your critical commentaries, memoirs, anecdotes, etc from your CineTREKS as part of the course requirements for SDSU Anthropology 439, Summer 2007, London!

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cinetrek said...

I attended the interesting book reading on "Text Mex" and a lot of interesting folks showed up. From college students to parents, from literate to illiterate say the least, it was quite the array of people. I really liked how you made the book discussion laid back and easy- going because things could have gotten sausey! My favorite comment was when the man brought you a water and you thanked him for the vodka! My kinda answer!!
From the side, an annoying man kept interupting the dicussion and asked if you were the author of the book... if he didnt read the sign (or couldn't read the sign) he would have known the answer! He probably showed up late and to his disadvantage looked like an idiot in front of a crowd of many. I find embarassing situations as those quite humerous!! Then later, the same man went on to tell you not to speak in Spanish, as you thought you were doing him a favor. People like him make our world amazing... how can people be so loud and obnoxious and have no idea what they are talking about? Good stuff! It amazes me. I also enjoyed the idiot in the front seat to the left. He constantly interupted you and had no point to his interuptions. At the end, he asked you questions and talked about personal issues with his college career as if it was the crowd of 40's buisness. Again, another humerous embarassment. Overall, I enjoyed the reading and the discussion, and the crowd ammused me as well.

Stefanie Martin